The Uzbek Teaser

… not the name of a cocktail, but it should be

The CNN travel desk is doing all of the legwork for us. I shouldn’t even bother writing the blog anymore. As Jeff and I prepare for Uzbekistan, we saw this:

6 Silk Road secrets: Traveling in Central Asia’s Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

So my take away from this article is that 1) we’re definitely going to the best ‘Stan, and 2) the food is going to be as grim or worse than we’re expecting. We harbor no delusions that Uzbek food will be a highlight, but the “what to expect in Uzbekistan” bullet points email to us by our Uzbek minder is disheartening. Nearly EVERY food item described in the “Food Specialties” section includes mutton, goat, or both and is followed the ominous epitaph “usually topped with shredded horse meat”…. Oh boy.

The CNN article confirms these concerns.

Of the grand bazar in Tashkent, CNN says:

A gargantuan dome that looks like the ultimate piece of Soviet space age era fantasy, the interior is designed in concentric circles lined with merchants selling typically Uzbek carnivorous cuts including horse sausage, sheep’s lungs, mutton, goat and camel meat, huge skewers of kebab meat and pies made with the fat from a sheep’s rump.

Oh yeah, Jeff and I love nothing more than a sheep’s rump fat pie and camel meat for dinner. Mmmm. Of the ‘Stan cuisine in general, CNN says:

[There is] not a vegetable or salad in sight.

This should be good.

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