Update – CNN’s Breathless Review of Ipoh

Remember back in March when I wrote of our odd experience in Ipoh? Everyone loves Ipoh, and the Internet is of full of praise for the foodie culture.  We arrived and were unable to find a meal, let alone a foodie meal. And we tried!! Oh, we tried.

Anyway, I just saw this on CNN and had to post it.

Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia’s rising tourism star

The capital of Malaysia’s Perak state [Ipoh] has always possessed the qualities that make places like Penang so compelling to travelers: a rich architectural, cultural and culinary heritage — but without the crowds. (Though weekends are a different story.)

WTF???? Yeah, there are no crowds, but there is nothing else either. Who are Ipoh’s PR people?? Well, they’re amazingly effective and Trump should take note. Like I said, we actually had a good time in Ipoh, but all of this buzz is completely confusing.

I am pleased, though, that the article specifically calls out the Sinhalese Bar. This statement I agree with – it is a highlight indeed.

Highlights include the Sinhalese Bar, founded in 1931, with its cowboy-style swing doors. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer before carrying on.

And finally, guess who they interviewed??? Our pal John – the host of our homestay.  I hope he toned down the racist comments for the press. Actually, I kind of hope he didn’t…

This homestay in a restored 1908 shophouse is owned by a Malaysian-British couple.

“It’s not the Hilton. People come here for the heritage,” says John Lomax.

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